There it is right in front of the crowded Liverpoolstreet station one of the most incredibly satisfying and tasty  breakfast I had in London.

And funny thing, you don’t expect that from a tiny entrance and yes a tiny but not too tiny place, (in fact there are two floors),  but all works out perfectly, not a regret for choosing a bar by chance: 24hPOLOBAR. The place, owned  and run by a very nice guy, Philip, it’s a happy factory. You will see an energic team  preparing massive plates, delivering those quickly to happy waiters and waitressess, who seem really glad to notice  that you have finished all what’s in your dish, like a caring mother. It’s impossible not to appreciate the food that arrives to your table : so colourful, rich and without a long wait. Eggs all style, breakfast of all sorts, best pancakes (they won a price for them).Crowded  as like it, in the right time, quite as you like it  in the right time,  all kind of people, age and style, great music…just a happy place if I may use this expression. So you might meet  policemen longing for their eggs and sausages, tourists enjoying pancakes, bankers drinking a lovely cappuccino ,  girls and boys having fun.

And the exciting part of Polo Bar is not just the “eggs” though, even if they made me appreciate it in the first place,  but the 24hours opening!! And I invite everyone to go there once in the morning and once in the night, to feel the difference , feel the buzz.  Either if you rushing to work, or if you have an interview to attend, or if  you want to feel part of London soul, or simply going home and you can easily reach eastend , a stop in Polo Bar is worthy, it changes your mood ;).

Different settings with one thing in common: quality. Quality of the ingredients, not only in the food, but in the staff that work here. You don’t want to go out in a place with moody waiters.

After 6pm  bottles of prosecco accompany burgers, easy , after 9pm lights become softer and the music turns louder and a dj will mix good tracks. Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dunch, Tea Time, Coffeebreak, Elevenses, like the stairs suggest : all you can WISH to enjoy your London hours and eventually meet someone and make a friend. PROMISE it’s really so  good, like you  “smell” from the pictures.






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